Friday, October 17, 2008


This is the problem with moving into a larger space, one where you have designated a room just for crafts. Suddenly there's all sorts of room for more supplies. I recently got bit by the yarn bug again -- must have something to do with the return of colder weather -- and in the past four weeks I bought all the yarn in this photo.

But! I am using it. Really, I am. See that knitted thing at the top? That's a scarf. I'm using another of the off-white skeins at the bottom for it. And then I'm doing a hat and mittens in the same yarn. I got the hat pattern from Antonia of Whoopee. She started knitting after her daughter was born a couple years back, and after making a bunch of things for other people, she decided to make a hat for herself. Not liking most of the patterns she saw, she decided to make one up. I'm in awe. She's a relatively new knitter and she's already designing her own things.

The pattern is on Flick'r, accompanying a photo of Antonia modeling the hat.

I'm also going to learn how to make socks, using the long skinny red skein. And there's a hooded scarf in the works for that bumpy red stuff in the lower left corner.

Okay, the blue skeins are an extravagance. They are so soft! I couldn't let go of them once I picked them up--a combo of wool, alpca, and silk, hand dyed in Chile. Yummy. I am very glad the little shop I went to is as difficult for me to get to as it is. If it were easier, I'd be broke.

That other stuff? That's viscose. I bought it as part of a kit, and now that I've read the instructions, I think I'm going to do something else with the yarn. The instructions are very vague. Maybe I'll do it. We'll see.


G said...

Whoo - socks. You have to go round corners with socks. Impressed.

Just Me said...

Knowing NOTHING about knitting or crochet or anything of that sort, might those extraordinarily soft blue skeins be used for gloves? Are gloves hard to make? If it isn't too complicated, it might be a good way to keep your hands on the skeins you couldn't put down.

I love the color of the future hooded scarf.

--V said...

JM: I haven't the faintest idea. Mittens and gloves are on the list of Things to Learn, right after socks. I was thinking mittens, maybe, or a a double-knit scarf. I don't even know how much yarn I'd need to do mittens or gloves.

G: It's not the heel that was intimidating me, it's the toe. I got round that this time by using a "toes up" pattern, so I still don't have to graft at the toe. Sooner or later I'm going to have to learn how to do that. I vote for later.