Friday, December 19, 2008

Can't wrap this

I could've used this a few days ago. All the Virginia and (now) California relatives got their presents mailed to them earlier this week. Monday night was spent sweating and swearing over wrapping paper, while the cat looked on in amusement.

“Can't Wrap This” video at

Ah, yes.

The "California relatives" were "Germany relatives" until earlier this year. My Air Force cousin finally saw reason and is getting himself retrained again so that he can go back to babysitting the nuclear warheads. It's kind of scary when the safest place to be right now is next to the missile silo, no?


Just Me said...

And that is precisely why the gift bag is the gift giver's best friend.

Long before gift bags became so popular, I often found it easier to make a large wrapping-paper envelope, sliding the gift into the open end and taping it shut.

Today's word sounds like a newly-approved AKC breed: Pebreigh. Hmmm. A pembreigh might be one of those quivery little toy breeds. It would be blessed with a gentle disposition but not very bright.

Anonymous said...

Stacy says:
*laughing hysterically rolling on the floor*

Yeah...I like that.