Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Two-days-after-Christmas

Howdy! I'm in my sister's basement right now. Sorry, I mean "rec room" (inside joke). We got here just fine, though my parents didn't get to me until a little before three o'clock. They thought they'd be there around noon, and then I got a call from a town about an hour away at 1 pm saying they'd be to me in 45 minutes. The roads from here to the Lancaster area were fine, though it was a bit foggy in places.

Christmas Day we opened presents until around noon, I think, then played with our gifts until dinner time. Stretch cooked a crown roast of pork this year. I think next year he's going to fry a turkey--Ditter got him an electric turkey fryer. It looks like a Fry Daddy on steroids. Huge.

There seemed to be a few themes this year for Christmas: light, keeping warm, and bling. My mom gave us baseball caps with LED lights in the brim so that you can see where you're going. My parents also gave my sister and me wind-up flashlights. A lot of us got flannel jammies, and those fleecy blankets with sleeves (Snuggs, I think they're called. It's like putting on your bathrobe backwards.) I gave Mom and Dad a thing I found through Mighty Haus a while back. It makes burnable bricks out of newspaper. I figured they can use it in conjunction with their new coal and wood stove. And there was lots of jewelry to go around. And, based on a rant I emailed Mom about my slurping co-worker, I got a nice set of earphones. Yay! Now I don't have to raid my iPod every time I want to block sound!

Yesterday my parents took everyone to lunch at a place called Shady Maple. It's a smorgasbord. I was told it was large, but I wasn't prepared for exactly how large. Wow. Huge. And full. Mr. S. dropped us off at the front door and went to park, and we walked into what looked like a hotel lobby. I wish I'd brought my camera. I think the entire county was in there. After lunch we came home and most of us took naps. I played on the computer until everyone woke up again, and then watched TV with my mom and my sister.

Been a lazy few days. Today Ditter and I are going to see Twilight. 'Cause nothing says "Christmas" like vampires.


Just Me said...

Ah, yes. Saying the Shady Maple smorgasbord is monstrous is an understatement.

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas with your family.

Today's word: "Mentsms"

It sounds Christmas-y.

Second verification (since The Oracle was logged on and I didn't know it) sounds like what you count after sneezys: "Blesseys."

Hotch Potchery said...

Sounds like a great holiday! It was 77 here today, no ice worries here. Travel home safe.

G said...

I wonder if I can get Snuggs here? For somebody who's never warm enough and always reading?

The word is beene - one of a pair? Like dogbo?

Reckless Sarcasm said...

What do you mean inside joke? It's a basement! :)

G said...

The fleecy blankets with sleeves are called Slankets (geddit?) in the UK - but nobody has any stock until the end of January.