Monday, December 01, 2008


Done! I made it through National Blog Posting Month. I posted an entry at least once every day. Sometimes twice, but that's probably just enthusiasm.

Here's what I learned in November:

1) Wow, I'm chatty. Even when nothing's going on, I can find something to talk about if I try hard enough.
2) Writing more often makes me want to write more often.
3) Commenting on blogs is a way to make friends.
4) Provided you're wearing a good enough mask, you can tell your secrets to the Internet and you won't get struck by lightning.
5) No matter how many times I reread Lolita, all I'm ever going to see is an educated, snobbish pervert with an excellent vocabulary mourning over the girl who ran away after he destroyed her. Sorry, literature community. That's all I get out of it.

And with that, I bid you good morning. I have to go Christmas shopping now. I don't know whether I'll be able to keep up the post-once-a-day pace in December, but I think I'll be posting more than I used to. And I'm pretty sure I'll participate in NaBloPoMo 2009, provided Eden doesn't self-destruct by then. There were over 10,000 of us this year, and she added us all to the blogroll by hand. Someone needs some software, I think.


Hotch Potchery said...

It's funny you said that writing more makes you want to write even more...I found that as well!

HA...the word verification is

embop...which I am now humming...mmBop,do do do do wop.

Remember that song? No? oh. nevermind then.

--V said...

I do. I even know the band name: Hanson, a trio of home-schooled brothers.

How come I can remember that but I can't remember my work phone number?

G said...

There's a bird in Europe called a hoopoe (onomatopoeic, I believe, after the call it makes).

The Latin name is Upupa epops.

Upupa epops, she's my baby. Upupa epops, don't mean maybe.

I drove around Sardinia singing that until begged to stop.

(Word verification - toledef. Like my singing.)

Just Me said...

Eeeeeew, Hanson! Talented kids, but the Bee Gees already cornered the market on testosterone-deficient vocals. They were actually playing Mm-bob in the supermarket last month, followed by something from Air Supply. I wanted to jam ice picks into my ears.

Word Verification: Proyaul. Maybe I'll proyaul some pork chops for dinner. Maybe it should be pronounced "pro-yaul." Pro y'all? I guess so, if you're in Texas.

And, yes, I agree with writing more makes you want to write more. I usually spot all sorts of blog subjects the minute I post something boring. The problem is that I usually don't have time to write at that moment and I forget about it by the time I do.

G said...

It's quite a sport making comments just to see what the word verification is going to be. In this case, bratie - as in "I met her in the garden where the braties grow."

And I relate to that third paragraph, JM.