Friday, December 12, 2008

The Tweets you see when you forget your phone

I went to the grocery store after work today armed with a list of things I need for the First Annual Baking Extravaganza here at Chez Vee. I was really wishing I'd remembered to put my cell in my purse before I left the house this morning. I can be much more tolerant of irritations when I am able to secretly snark about them to Twitter.

1) I need a bag of white chocolate chips. I'm finding every kind of chip but that. Chocolate in various forms (dark, semi-sweet, milk, with mint, miniature), butterscotch, peanut butter, cinnamon, but no white chocolate. Am I the only person in town who wants this? Surely there's more than just the recipe I'm using that calls for 'em.

2) I need raspberry preserves (same recipe, as it happens). I find the jelly aisle (after passing it twice), and am to stuck behind a man who is...well, the only word for it is bogarting. Yep. He is bogarting the jelly. I need one 12-ounce jar of raspberry preserves. I can see them but I can't get to them. He is standing in front of me (us, really. Other people are trying to get at the jelly, too) and a little off to my left, swaying, weaving, browsing, dreamily oblivious of anything except the burning question of what should go on his toast. He has a jar of something in his hand already, but he is (I guess) trying to decide if this is the right choice. Dude, it's jelly. Pick something and go. Or at least get outta people's way. He sways a little to the left and I see my chance. I dive in, snag my preserves, turn around and smile grimly at the mother of two (one child in the cart, one hanging off of the edge) who is about to take my place, and move on. And yes, before you ask, people have tried speaking to him. He doesn't respond to "excuse me."

3) Hey look! A whole display of baking items! Three tables' worth! One whole table is covered with varieties of chips from Nestlé, Hershey, Ghirardelli...and still no white ones. Blast.

4) I am now stuck behind a mother and son tag-team of slowpokes. They're meandering cartless up the aisle, looking at everything and finding nothing in particular. They put just enough room between them that I could almost get through, and then close up the gap again right before I decide to try. Mom mentions something to the boy about snacks for his hockey team, maybe something individually wrapped, so I'm guessing that's what they're looking for. As we get to the end of the aisle I will them to turn left. My mind to your mind, your thoughts to my thoughts..... Crap. They're turning right. And I still can't get round them. I duck down an aisle I don't need just to get away from them and get stuck behind them again two aisles later. What on earth are they doing in the frozen foods section? Are they gonna give the hockey team succotash?

5) Just for the heck of it, right before leaving I go back to the baking aisle one more time in search of my white chips. There's a cardboard display that I don't remember seeing before, and on the bottom, shoved way in the back there is one bag of what I'm looking for. I grab it, toss it in the cart, and scurry towards the check out line. Oop! The Slowpoke Hockey Mom just picked that line. Keep moving, try another one. Hey, look! Bogarter made it out of the jelly aisle. Out of curiosity, I get behind him and see what he chose: store brand grape. Aw, c'mon. For all that wavering, he could have at least bought something by Bonne Maman or Trappist.

6) Passing me on their way into the store as I leave it is a mother-daughter duo, going over their list of baking needs. I hear mother say just before the door shuts,

"Don't let me forget, we need white chocolate chips too."

Rotsa ruck, ma'am.


Just Me said...

Ummm... Why is it called Bogarting? (Weird. Tried putting the word in quotes and the spacing got funky.)

I hate the stupidmarket. Even without children doing their best to drive me insane, it is an awful chore. If I weren't so picky about my perishables I'd order online and pay the delivery fee.

My husband wants to try Callebaut chocolate. Hel-lo!!! That stuff is horribly expensive. I'm perfectly happy with Ghirardelli.

Hotch Potchery said...

What cookies take Rasberry Preserves? Mr. P LOVES that stuff. We have lots of white chocolate chips at our store, but they aren't white...they were swirled with red and green.

--V said...

JM: "bogart" was originally a drug-use word, particularly among marijuana users -- to keep something to oneself without using it, or to take more than one's fair share. Derives from Humphrey Bogart movies where he always had a cigarette dangling from his lips but never smoked it.

HP: It's a bar cookie. Raspberry preserves, coconut, walnuts, white chocolate chips. Never made them before yesterday. I'm baking stuff and putting it in decorative tins for co-worker presents this year, and since I didn't know whether these were any good, I thought I'd better taste one before I gave them away. Oh, my. I think I need to make another batch to take to my sister's for Christmas. I'll put up the recipe here (after I get home from Christmas shopping).

I found out where all the white chips have been hiding. The super Wal-mart. Wow. I bought another bag, 'cause I had a feeling I'd want to do this recipe again. Though I think they'd be fine without the chips, really.