Saturday, January 10, 2009

Delilah's health

So the vet called me Thursday night. Delilah's blood work showed some elevated levels of things, not dangerous yet, but still not quite normal. It looks like she has the very beginnings of kidney disease. He prescribed special food for her, Hill's K/D, which is only available through vets' offices. He wants to see her again in a few weeks to see if her blood chemistry changes on the special food. We have an appointment for the 3rd of February.

I went and got some of this food on Friday morning.Thankfully, she likes it (considering it's the only thing she's allowed to eat now). We've had no more seizures, and she's upstairs right now, galloping around. Sounds like a herd of elephants. She hasn't done that in a few weeks, though I didn't realize that until she started to do it again. I guess the food is working.

I've been afraid to blog about this. Putting it in print makes it real.

The disease is not serious yet, but the vet made it sound like this isn't something that can be remedied. We can slow it way down but we can't stop it.

Well, she's 17 1/2. I can't be expecting her to live forever.

Why not?


Just Me said...

Awww, poor kitty. At least a change in diet is a fairly easy thing to do. I hope everything goes well at the next visit.

Can you get the food at a better price via mail order? It's worth a look.

Funny how we don't notice something's missing until it returns, like Delilah's romping around.

My cats are only 12, and they're total slugs. I don't expect them to make 14, let alone 17 or 18. They're not from a healthy gene pool.

Hotch Potchery said...

I am sorry that Delilah is showing some age. I adore pets, but the fact that you go through x generations of pets in a human lifetime is kind of tragic. Tragic may be an overdramatization.

Anonymous said...

But then, putting it in print (or telling someone) begins the process of dealing with it. That's a good thing.
Wow, she's almost 18 yrs. old!! You must have been doing something right!
I've mused from time to time that if only we could be covered with such lovely fur then we might look so good into old age!

Anonymous said...

Stacy says:
OMG! I'm so sorry it happened. I know you must have been frantic. I worry so much about Cody who moves slowly and deliberatly all the time that any change her I worry over. I know she has hip problems. The breeder told me they might. The cat that had them wasn't supposed to be bred again, it was an oops prenancy. She's in pain, and I Know it, but nothing can be done. I just try to make it easier for her climbing things. I worry about loosing her constantly and she's only 14 this Feb. I'm glad you had lila for so long. There's hope for my kitties. And yes, why can't they live long time too? Makes you want to buy a tortise, if only they were furry.