Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello, 2009! (Cough, cough, cough)

Happy New Year!

Last night's celebration consisted of me watching the ball drop on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show, toasting the New Year with some sparkling cranberry juice, 2 tweets, a failed attempt to call my sister's cell, and (bonus!) running upstairs to watch the First Night fireworks from my bedroom window. Where I was living last year I could only hear them.

I wound up not doing my little party of one. I was too tired, and just not into it. Besides, I didn't know whether my GI tract would take kindly to chips, cheese, turkey pepperoni, crackers, vegetables, dip, olives, and hummus. Instead I got it out today while I watched the Rose Parade. I like that HGTV shows it with limited commercial interruption, but I wish there was a way to mute the commentators and still hear the other sounds. One guy was talking about how much work it takes for a bands to get to the parade, how much time is spent in practice, in fund raising, blah, blah, blah, and I shouted at the screen, "Then why don't you shut up and let us hear them?!?"

I'm going a little stir-crazy, here.

Part of the reason behind taking an extra week off of work was to make sure I didn't go back before I was ready (I'm off 'til the 12th), but I didn't figure on catching the Creeping Crud. I don't know who gave it to me, maybe my parents, maybe some random stranger who breathed on me at Shady Maple. I just know that tomorrow, come hell or high water, I am getting outta here. Going to the mall. Or a movie. Something, anything that doesn't involve being curled up on the couch in a nest of blankets with the cat and the remote.

But right now I'm off to bed. Making up for not getting to sleep before one last night.


G said...

Sick and on your own - not good. One of the times being married doesn't seem like such a disastrous mistake after all.

Word verification - CROCKSL. I swear there's a little man in there somewhere, chuckling evilly as he cranks these out.

--V said...

Nah. That would just give me someone to infect and then have to tend. This way I only have to worry about myself. I'm almost well now (I've been saying that for days but I think it's finally true).