Thursday, January 15, 2009

No news is good news

Hi there.

Been a longish week. Lots of scurrying around from project to project, trying to make room in my schedule for something large that's coming next week.

Nothing new to report on the kitty health front, thank goodness. No more seizures, she's still bouncy, and she likes her food. And, as if she could sense I was writing about her, she just appeared at my feet. It's probably just to tell me it's time for bed.

Ay, caramba, it's cold over here. You know it's bad out when the weatherman promises that tomorrow it will go up to 12 degrees (that's Fahrenheit. It's somewhere below zero in Celcius. Brrrrrr). I am really, really grateful for those flannel sheets I got as a Christmas present. The cat likes them too.

She's still sitting here, staring at me. I suppose I should set up the coffee pot for tomorrow and head up the wooden hill.


Just Me said...

Funny, Peake does that too. Around 9:30 or so, he starts yowling for The Oracle from the bedroom.

Yes, he's yowling for The Oracle. If The Oracle isn't home, Peake goes to bed by himself.

"Climb the wooden hill." I like that.

--V said...

My folks say that, though only at bed time. I can never tell with my family whether an expression is something made up by someone in the family, a literary allusion, or an expression that was in more common use in a previous generation.

Hotch Potchery said...

I am glad Delilah had a good week! My cat could care less about "going to bed", but my dog? At 9 o'clock he starts pacing, and staring, and oh my god, driving me crazy to go to bed.

G said...

It's an old and very well-established saying around here. In full, it's "climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire", but that won't mean much in Pa., I guess?

I got a great new old word this week - "nesh". I might leave you to wonder a bit, then blog about it. I haven't forgotten "setlas" and what you did with it.

--V said...

Well, my Mom's side of the family was British a few generations back (my great grandmom still had her accent, and Grandpop used to say things like "Pip-pip" and "'Struth!" without sounding like he was putting on airs), so I guess that's where it came from.

I like "nesh." I was feeling a bit nesh earlier this week, but then while wandering around downtown yesterday in 23-degree weather I was marveling at how warm it felt, so, maybe I'm not.