Friday, January 30, 2009


Three posts in one day!

I am at the moment by myself in a large computer lab, 'cause everyone else has better stuff to do at 7 on a Friday night. So do I, as it happens. I'm outta here shortly.

Why am I blogging from here? 'Cause my laptop is throwing fits. I'll be going along, playing a game, reading my email, writing a blog entry, and suddenly for a few seconds it freezes. It's almost like the machine gets a cramp. This used to happen very rarely, so rarely that I didn't take it to get serviced -- because I couldn't be sure it would do it for the tech guys and I didn't want them to think I was a nut. Now it's happening about once every half hour.

And now Circuit City is going out of business and I have no idea what this does to my protection plan. I'm also pretty sure the plan's about to run out. Laptop is old. It was old when I bought it -- it was the floor model, so I got it at a reduced price with the knowledge that it had been on and operating for most of its time in the store. Think it's time for a new one? Maybe.

It'll have to wait until I get my tax refund, and considering my taxes just got more complicated, I don't know how long that will be. Now I have PMI and mortgage interest to declare as write-offs. I think I have to use 1040-long form this year. Eeeee! I'm a grown-up!

So anywho, that's why I'm alone in a computer lab on a Friday evening. Now I'm taking myself off to dinner (just got paid! Woo-hoo!) and am heading home. Here's hoping Creepy McSmarmypants doesn't try his "hey-baby-I'm-in-the-book" nonsense on the bus tonight. It's been a grump-making kind of day, and the filter between my mind and mouth isn't fitting as snugly as it should.


Just Me said...

If there's any service time remaining on your computer's contract, take advantage of it while you can.

If you've had the machine a few years, take a quick look at the hard drive to see how much space you've used. (My computer, right click on C:\ drive, select Properties)

Clear out your internet history, delete the cookies, and run a spyware scan if you don't already have something running in the background.

I haven't done it myself in ages, but maybe you need to "defrag" your hard drive. What this does is take all the junk stored all over the drive and sort of consolidate it. It's supposed to make things run more efficiently. (My Computer, right click C:\ drive, Properties, "disk cleanup.")

Take a note of when it burps. Are you usually visiting a particular site or running certain programs simultaenously? (For reasons unknown to me, Internet Explorer often locks up on me when I'm running Excel at the same time.)

These things may work, and they may do nothing, but they're free and worth a shot.

Well, I hope your bus ride home was peaceful and gigolo free. We'll have to come up with some good "go away" retorts.

todays' word: anceph. Sounds brainy, huh?

--V said...

I've done all that stuff, repeatedly. It doesn't matter what program I'm using, what combination of programs I'm using, whether I'm connected to the internet or not. I think it's a hardware problem.

He wasn't on the bus. Yay! Haven't seen him since his little make-my-flesh-crawl self-introduction. Double yay! I believe enough time has passed that if he approaches me again and tries to see if I remember him I can say "no" and be believed. Triple yay!