Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A little nervous

I got named to a task force earlier this year whose charge was to look into doing something very different with regard to our libraries' collections. We met all spring and summer, took the fall to write our report, and tomorrow we are making a presentation at a yearly two-day retreat for all the librarians from the satellite campuses.

When we're done we're going to be greeted with either be applause or pitchforks and torches. Or maybe stunned silence. In any event, I'm a wee bit nervous and preoccupied right now, so I can't think of anything to write. So here, look at some pretty pictures I took of the garden this summer:

More roses

My big purchase this year, garden-wise: a climbing rose called "Joseph's Coat."

The only sunflower

The lone sunflower to make it to adulthood. Everyone else either died off or failed to thrive.

Morning glory

Bought a morning glory seedling at a craft fair. I had no idea what color I was going to get. Happy that it's deep purple.

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