Friday, November 04, 2011

And again I say, blurgh

Day Three in the nest on the couch. Drifting off to sleep with CSI on the TV (I know, strange way to lull myself to sleep, and I'll probably wake up because of disturbing dreams), I jolted awake when I realized I almost dropped out of NaBloPoMo on the 4th day.

So here's my post! It's more of a place-holder than anything. Still hopeful I'll be able to poke my nose out the door tomorrow to get my rump to Wegman's. Though it turns out tomorrow is the day they're broadcasting "Siegfried" live from the Met to the theater downtown, and I think I'm going to have to miss it. I don't want to risk the displeasure of the opera buffs around me, should I start coughing uncontrollably at some part of the performance. Ah, well. Maybe I can listen to it on the radio? Though on advantage of the live performance is that they flash the words at the bottom of the screen.

Anyway. Let me get this posted. More tomorrow.

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