Friday, November 18, 2011

Out after dark.

The students have left town for Thanksgiving break.  This means that for the next 10 days or so the townsfolk will be able to go places they can't normally get into without long lines or waiting to be seated.  Taking advantage of this fact, a group of local folks with whom I have made friends over Twitter decided to gather at a downtown Mexican restaurant for happies at about 5:30 or so.

Things were in full swing when I got there.  Some people I already knew, some I'd only spoken to online, some I've never seen before in my life. One person I talked to is going to be running in a marathon in Philly on Sunday, in the freezing cold.  I finally got to meet face-to-face with the meteorologist I've been tweeting back and forth with for months.  He's the husband of someone else I follow, and together they own three cats and two rescued greyhounds.  Someone else showed me pictures from her trip to Rhinebeck with some other folks we both know, and recommended that if I want to go to a knitting convention, Maryland Sheep and Wool is more organized.  Rhinebeck is where all the celebrity knitters show up, though.

God bless Tim, our server.  Every time he came to the table (which was often) it was larger and composed of more people.  We kept co-opting other tables in the area.  He managed to keep us all straight in his head, and things were still going strong when I left around quarter to 8.  I sure hope everyone gave him a good tip.  I sure did.

There was talk of going to another bar and watching some local blues band perform, but I begged off.  I needed to come home and draw up my battle plan for the time I have left until Thanksgiving.

Never mind that when I did come home all I did was play Plants vs. Zombies.  I was strategizing as I was planting puffshrooms and spud mines (or whatever they're called).  Sure I was. Can't prove that I wasn't. I'll write it all out on paper tomorrow.

Hey, guess what! We're creeping up on my 500th post!

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