Thursday, November 03, 2011


Decided to spend the night on the couch, as that seemed to make sleeping sitting up more feasible. Woke up this morning with just enough voice to croak my name and the phrase "not coming in today" into the phone, then curled up under a blanket 'til about 9 AM.

I'm feeling better now, but not well. Sure hope this clears up by the weekend. The football team has no game this Saturday so the town? Is. Ours! Mwahahahaha! I'd hate to have to stay inside on a nice weekend when I'd be able to get to wherever I want to go with no traffic problems to worry about.

I'm planning on picking up the Thanksgiving turkey on Saturday. Wegman's has their turkey special again this year: buy $25 in other groceries and use your shopper's card and you'll only pay $.49 a pound for turkey. I guess I'd better start putting together a list of the things I need for Thanksgiving that I can buy ahead.

Provided I'm not hacking up a lung come Saturday.

Today's silver lining, though? While surfing channels last night (which I haven't done in a while because I'm trying to wean myself off of TV. But that's another post) I bumped into back episodes of The Big Bang Theory and fell in love with it. How did I miss this show? Apparently it's been around for years.

How are you guys doing?

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