Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey look everyone! Something else on my sidebar! I'm collecting so many badges lately, I'm beginning to feel like a Girl Scout. What's this one about? Keep reading and find out.

Nilsa, over at SoMi, had an idea. How about we do a 1-day blog version of Post Secret?

It's called BlogSecret, and it's happening on November 18th. Since November seems to the month for joining things, I thought I'd take this on as well. I'll be posting someone's blog entry about their secret here on my blog, and my secret will get posted on some stranger's blog. Details and a much better description are here.

Anyone wanna join in? At last count she had almost 60 of us. The more, the merrier (and harder to trace).


Nilsa said...

So glad you'll be participating. We've got almost 75 intended participants, which is crazy - much higher than I ever expected! Thanks!

--V said...

Careful, Nilsa. This is how NaBloPoMo got started, and now there are 10,000 of us -- with Eden adding all of us to the blogroll by hand! Ow. My wrists hurt just thinking about that.