Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, I try to be responsible

Conversation over lunch with a colleague:

Me: Drat. I forgot to mail the electric bill.
Colleague: Whoops. When's it due?
M: Not 'til the 24th, but I like to pay my bills as soon as I get 'em. I have it in my bag. (Digs through purse and pulls out envelope.) See? Sealed, stamped, return address on it and everything. I just can't seem to get it posted.
C: You better do that soon.
M: I know. I remember at the weirdest times. On the bus, as we pass a mailbox. At lunch, (gestures to colleague) in the middle of a conversation on a totally unrelated topic. In the shower, in mid-shampoo....
C: In the dark, after your house mysteriously loses power.
M: Exactly. Which reminds me, I need to buy candles.


K said...

And this is why we pay ours by direct debit...

Cute pictures of Delilah! She looks very like my mother's cats, who often appear on her blog. I did a double take just now and had to scroll to check you hadn't mysteriously been taking pics of her Sirius.

Black cats are so pretty but SO hard to photograph.

--V said...

Yeah, I pay some of my bills online, but the electric company charges you for it. Um? I'm saving us both postage, and you want a fee for that? No, thank-you.

And I really want to limit the number of businesses that have access to my checking account.

It is hard to take the cat's picture sometimes. When she sits in shadow, her features disappear on camera.

Hotch Potchery said...

Every time our power flickers I am sure I must have forgotten to pay the power bill.

Anna said...

That's recognizable behaviour to me. Even defensive action doesn't always work. I tend to forget birthdays, so have been writing & stamping the month's cards on the 1st of the month & lining them up ready to post. Two out of three go the same path as your bill and still don't get there on time.

--V said...

The act of blogging about it was enough to make me remember to post it. I got it into the mail yesterday after work.