Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short one today

I'm working on another longer post that I'll publish soon. I need pictures, though, and I don't have them yet. So in the mean time, let me show you a couple of blogs I've bumped into.

First, there's Ezra Pound Cake. It's a recipe blog that I found while surfing around on the NaBloPoMo site. The food looks fantastic! I'm scouting around for recipes 'cause next year Thanksgiving is going to be at my place. I know it's early to start. I don't care. I want the menu set and ready to go by next September, so that come November all I have to do is buy the ingredients and get going. I guess this means I'll be cooking all year, trying to find what I want to serve. Anyway, a lot of the recipes here don't have anything to do with Thanksgiving, and I don't care! She had one a last week for a spiced chocolate bread pudding that used pieces of a chocolate chip kugelhopf from a previous entry. Yum! On both counts. I'm getting fat just thinking about it.

And there's Lunch Bag Art. This one got tweeted to me by someone here in town, someone I met at that Tweetmeet a few weeks back. (Did I ever say how that went? No? It was great! Met folks, made friends, am following & being followed by a bunch of interesting people). This artist draws on brown paper bags on his lunch break, and then takes them home and packs his kids' lunches in them the next day. So far this one is my favorite, and I don't even know what The Dreamland Chronicles are.

I've made a few friends through NaBloPoMo, too. Their blogs are on my blogroll now, and you may have seen them in the comments. That'd be Average Jane, The HotchPotchery, and Square One. Hi gang! [waves]

And that's about it for today. I'm starting to hit the NaBloPoMo wall, I think. Only ten days left, and then I can be quiet. Really, it hasn't been that hard so far. Just when I think I have nothing to post about, something happens and I say aha! There's my post!


G said...

The NaBloPoMo wall - you're doing really well. And is it me, or is it doing you good? Everything seems zippier, somehow.

(Even zippier, that is.)

--V said...

Well, thank you.

I think it is doing me good. Flexing the old story-telling muscle and finding it hasn't quite atrophied yet.

Zippier? Really? Maybe it's the cayenne pepper.

K said...


That kugelhopf looks lovely, although possibly the skill level might be a bit high for me. The Lunch Bag art is also highly impressive. I come from the land of the plastic lunchbox, but my mother (Isabelle) used to put illustrated notes in our lunches every day. Until I asked her to stop because the other kids thought it was weird. I still feel guilty about that!

It's interesting to hear how other people come up with their NaBlo posts. The advice seems to be that you should post in the morning. I think all but a few of mine have been posted past 11pm!

Rebecca said...

OK, getting you squared away for Thanksgiving 2009 will give my blog some focus. Let's burrrrring it.