Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cue: Carly Simon

So last night I sent my entry to Nilsa of SoMi for BlogSecret.

I'll be getting the secret I'm to post on this blog sometime tomorrow or Monday, along with the address of the blog that will be posting mine. On November 18, the post that you read here will not be from me. I won't have any idea who the author is.

Nilsa has suggested that on the 18th all the participants (nearly 90 of us at last count) go visit and comment on the blogs of at least 5 other participants. I'm guessing that there will be a BlogSecret blogroll on SoMi that day. I'm trying to decide whether I'm also going to go visit my entry see what sort of reaction it gets. It could be anywhere from "This is boring," through "I can relate," all the way up to "You're a bitch."

Too late to worry about it now.

Oh, the title of this post? That's a reference to something my mom used to say when I was younger. Any time we were hanging around waiting for something to happen she'd say, "What we need now is a little Carly Simon." And that is in turn a reference to an old Heinz ketchup commercial that would play "Anticipation" as the ketchup s-l-o-w-l-y poured out of the bottle ('cause it's so thick, y'see).


Squarehead said...

I checked out that SoMi blog link. It is a very interesting idea. I'm too chicken to do it. You got guts.

G said...

Here is a rhyme from before the days of plastic ketchup bottles:

Shake and shake and SHAKE the bottle: nothing comes, and then a lot'll.

--V said...

squarehead: I don't know. I think if I was truly brave I'd've posted my own secret here.

G: Am I the only person who gets impatient with shaking and pokes in the bottle with a knife? Gets things started really fast.