Sunday, November 09, 2008

Photo Sunday

Today, I'm giving us all a break from my babbling and am going to post some pictures instead.

Delilah has gotten very used to me pointing a camera at her. She doesn't even flinch and look away any more, since there's enough light in the new place take pictures without the flash.


In profile. I had to move my hand around just off camera to keep her looking that way:

I love this one:

And here's the dreaded Claw. She was in mid-knead when I snapped this one:
The Claw

Finally, she got bored with all this and went to sleep...
Are you still there?

..which didn't stop me taking more pictures, of course.
More sleeping Lolly

Next week: Proof that I really do go outside once in a while.


Anna said...

She's so lovely, the close-ups make me mad to have something furry in my life again (not G). I used to have 3 cats when I was living in London - but lost two of them to the ironically more risky country life. Anyway, I envy you your sweet feline.

--V said...

She's a little flirt. That's how she got the name Delilah. Her big defensive move is to win you over with cuteness. She rolls around on the floor and bat her eyelashes at you.

Nilsa said...

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Just Me said...

She is such a pretty lady. How old is she?

Our very first cat was a stray that arrived on our doorstep in mid-November and wouldn't leave. She was coal black with very long legs, pathetically huge cataracts that kept her pupils wide open, and well-developed vocal cords.

Missy had that long, drawn-out Siamese-y miiaaaaoooowrrrr, nothing at all like the demure "mowr" my current kitties use when they voice their opinions.

--V said...

She's...hang on, let me count now. Seventeen? Born in Summer 1991, I think. Holy crap. Is she really that old?

She has that Siamese howl too. Well, mama was full Siamese, papa was 1/2, what are the odds?