Friday, November 14, 2008

Throwing down the gauntlet

Our facilities guy here at work is so very full of himself, bless 'im. He just a few moments ago strutted by our cubicles saying to one of the librarians who was walking with him:

"I've been snooping around facilities for over twenty years. There's nothing you can hide from me that I won't find."

After he was safely past, we all started laughing.

"I dunno," I said. "Sounds like he just issued a challenge, doesn't it?"

We're half-jokingly thinking of hiding something in here to see if he can find it. Lana suggested we stash a toaster. Toasters got banned from the building a few years back after burnt bagels in one or another of the break rooms set off the fire alarm twice in one month. Lots of people in here still pine for toast.

Best part? Shortly after making that claim he asked to the room at large, "Hey, where's George [last name deleted]?"

So apparently we can hide George.


Just Me said...


I'd hide something thoroughly absurd and so out of context that would make him announce, "Guess what I found (here)?"

For instance, I'm often stunned by the weird objects in my purse. Rocks and picked flowers my kids are forever stashing in my purse, Matchbox cars, Barbie shoes, or the socks they ditched from beneath the sandals they initially insisted on wearing with them.

What would be completely out of place considering your work environment and the employees using it?

Hey, today's word verification: "chimp."

How about one of those annoying long-armed monkeys with Velcro hands?

K said...

I have lots of weird things in my desk drawer at work! Beach stones. Ceramic yoghurt pots. I hope nobody looks in there...

--V said...

Oh, he'd better not be going in desk drawers. I didn't even think of that. Maybe I should hide something in there like, oh I don't know, a pair fur-trimmed handcuffs. Heeeheeeheee. I'd know when he found 'em, too, 'cause he'd never look at me the same way again.