Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's Election Day here in the U.S. I am up at the crack of dawn so I can be at the polls as soon as they open. They've said on the local news that more people registered to vote in this county than they've ever seen before, and that's an indication that the lines to vote are going to be longer than usual.

On the one hand: Yay! People are voting! Seriously, I don't care who they vote for as long as people make a choice. Even if you don't like the people running for the two main parties, there are other parties out there that rarely get mentioned--Green, Libertarian, Communist, even. And if you still don't like anyone, write a name in!

I did that last time. What I really wanted was an option that said, "None of the above, go out and find me better candidates," but since there isn't one, I wrote my own name in. It was a protest. I didn't trust anyone else, and I knew no one else would vote for me so I didn't have to worry about getting the job.

On the other hand: Ugh! Crowds. I'm probably going to be late for work. And double ugh! People with leaflets, trying to change folks' minds at the last minute. Mom and I were discussing this on Saturday. She said where we used to live the campaigners were very aggressive right outside the polls. She had one guy try to stuff leaflets in her pockets when she refused to take them. When she turned around and shouted at him not to touch her, one of the election officials was right behind him asking her eagerly if she'd like to press charges. I don't think she did. She should have. Nobody ever bothered my dad, though. Probably because when anyone approaches him with stuff like that, he gives them The Look: equal parts warning and annoyance. It's enough to make anyone hesitate.

I've got a book in my bag in case the lines are long. Provided there's light to read, that is. The polls open at 7 o'clock. I should probably go get dressed and get out there.

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