Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on the Battle of the Tulips

Well, the cayenne pepper stuff seems to be working. I have to reapply after every time it rains, though, or the little thieves come back. And since the mixture has dish soap in it, when it does rain my flowerbed gets a little frothy. Not too much, just a few bubbles around the edges.

It's starting to get very cold out there. Winter is right around the corner. Nobody's told my rosebush that, though. It's still putting out new shoots. I thought if I let the last two blossoms it produced stay on the bush and develop hips it would slow things down a little. Nope. Maybe it's trying to make up for the time it lost before my sister cut all the dead wood off of it back in June.


See? Look at all that new growth. Poor little things are going to get their heads snapped off by the cold pretty soon.

See all the divots in the background? Evidence of the squirrels. If any of my neighbors have seen me out there lately, they must think I'm loony--stomping around in my flowerbed, covering up little attempts at excavation, muttering and spritzing everything with stuff that smells like hot wings. I guess every neighborhood needs a crazy lady, I just never thought the one in mine would be me.

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